Automotive – Techtogether

As usual, the Automotive Hungary exhibition set the goal of functioning as a job fair for young people attending the exhibition. In this way, the event provides a highly unique environment for conducting the 7th TECHTOGETHER competition. The aim of the competition is to establish closer ties between technical higher education students and automotive firms. At the same time, through the involvement of the exhibitor vehicle construction teams, the competition promotes technical courses for young, high school-age students participating at the event as spectators.

Zoltán Pusztai, captain of SZEnergy Team and student of Széchenyi István University had the following to say about last year’s competition: The real motivation in AUTOMOTIVE HUNGARY TECHTOGETHER, that we can compete with the other student teams, explore new solutions and get to know each other. The assignments are providing real challenge to the teams. During the competition I met several companies I would like to work for after my graduation.

Teams in 2019:

  • Arrabona Racing Team, Széchenyi István University
  • BME Formula Racing Team, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • BME Műszakik Pneumobil Team, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • BME Solar Boat Team, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • DE MK TEAM, University of Debrecen
  • Formula Racing Miskolc, University of Miskolc
  • KEFO Motorsport, John von Neumann University
  • KEFO Motostudent, John von Neumann University
  • ME-Kart, University of Miskolc
  • OE mobil, Óbuda University
  • Pannon Racing, University of Pannonia
  • Poll-Roth, University of Pécs
  • SZEnergy Team, Széchenyi István University
  • SZEngine, Széchenyi István University
  • Szombathelyi gépész, Eötvös Lóránd University